Journaling Prompt: “The Things that Heal”

Healing Work

‘Everyone has something.’

That was a reoccurring thought that I had and it still comes up.

Everyone: That means everyone.

Something: That often (if not always) means a negative thing.

Pain. Hurt. Trauma. Despair. Grief. Frustration. Sickness.

As much of this “something” that everyone has in common, everyone also has the innate ability to transcend and overcome…I believe…

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7 thoughts on “Journaling Prompt: “The Things that Heal”

  1. “When the kiss is holy and the embrace untethering, purity of friendship stands well in its effort to prevail and be generative of life and good success! “

  2. A beautiful thought – a gift and wonderful resource, thank you. I love the idea that everyone has something to heal and everyone also has the capacity to transcend. It really encapsulates, in one sense, what it means to be human, thank you 🙂

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