3 Things to Help You Face Personal and Creative Challenges

“The main place for Truth is the Tongue, Love resides in the Heart, and Compassion lives in one’s Eyes.”

~ Rishiki Jain

What would it look like if you could enhance your life and your life’s work with just three simple elements?

1. Truth.

2. Love.

3. Compassion.

I suppose that a healthy dose of all three of these would constitute as a triple threat to spiritual seekers. How exactly, though, will all they all work hand-in-hand?

These spiritual concepts may not seem at all new. In fact, they are childhood principles, not all that unfamiliar at this point, but let’s revisit them for the sake of our present challenges, creative and career challenges in particular.

Rishiki gives some thought-provoking definitions of the three:

If someone asks, ‘what is the definition of Truth?’ then stay quiet; this is the illustration of Truth.
If someone asks you to define Love, then laugh a little; this itself is Love.
If someone asks you to explain Compassion, then let your eyes moisten; this is the meaning of Compassion.

I would certainly say there is more to each one of these. Taking a look, first, at common personal challenges, I wouldn’t doubt that some of us could use some heart-softening, some heart-opening, some quiet time for reflection.

So, just when did you last spend some quiet time reflecting? Or maybe just remaining quiet while you bit your tongue about an ego-bashing remark?

Can you laugh when a close friend makes a joke? Can you giggle when you see a child or animal do something unbelievably adorable?

Better yet, do you get so moved by something that you are also moved to tears; and can you say that any of those things include your life’s work, your craft, your passions, global issues, or injustice?

I see what that quote is getting at and it makes out these three things–truth, love, and compassion–to be so simple. Although there may be more that one can add to the definition, maybe that simplicity is best.

The other day, I found myself in frustrated by a situation going on with a young child. I knew that she would not remember her words, but I still responded; and I thought out my response as well as I could. It might have been better to keep quiet, to respect both my dignity and that of the little person inside her, to love her, to be compassionate and recognize that at some point or another, this child is going to learn her own lessons.

What about me? Well, that was my moment to learn a miniature lesson.

So maybe you will face disappointments or creative blocks.

Maybe that relationship comes to an end.

Perhaps the promising career you broke into is now breaking you.

Maybe your business is tanking.

Perhaps you’re losing hope in all things.When you’re finding yourself challenged, maybe even in a situation that seems threatening, remember these elements.

If you can persist and ask yourself, ‘what is true in this?’ or ‘who am I truly in spite of this?’ while giving yourself a moment of silence, I imagine that you will find the truth that you’re looking for. This very same truth will undoubtedly be your solid ground.

When you start becoming your harshest critic–or maybe someone else is–laugh a little. Send some love to yourself or to the critics themselves if you feel that strong. Hungry, lonely, blocked, stressed, rejected, this love will be your fuel and will replenish you.

Now prepare for departure with a bit of compassion. Self-compassion. If you can get moved this far, take a stance on your solid ground, fill up your tank, and allow yourself to be moved to action so that you can move through the challenge.

In love and compassion,


What are some of the other things that inspire or uplift you when life gets challenging? Share in the comments so that others can continue to encourage you, my friend. You can also tweet me your response.


2 thoughts on “3 Things to Help You Face Personal and Creative Challenges

  1. one of my stumbling issues was learning how to change my thoughts, images and words so that they would be more positive. i found a book by Greg LUCRALOVER Etherton on the topic of prototonics. Let me know how it helps you. it was a major game changer. he covers the “how” instead of just the concept.

    i appreciate you for asking this question. thank you so much.

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