How to Start Becoming Your Own Source of Inspiration

“The more you love your decisions, the less you need others to love them.”

~ Instagram pic quote by@totalstrength

Just think of all those sayings on self-development and inspiration:

Listen to your heart (or follow it).

Keep calm and carry on.

It takes more muscles to frown than it does to smile.

There are many.

Quotes are wonderful. I most certainly enjoy using them to help set the tone for my writings. I wish I could say I lived by them all. Some of them are pretty words and may always be pretty words. Several years ago, I might not have said the same thing.

My mind teemed over with not only quotes but also the poignant, autumn-esque lines of Robert Frost’s poems, the provocative messages from great speeches, the ominous warnings from elders and role models in my life–many sources of philosophy and information. All I was left with was the burdensome overwhelm that convinced me I had to take it all in. I love learning and I am intrigued by all the growth that I have to do, but I have just about released every ounce of that belief I have to be Dr. Know.

Once upon a time it was so easy to covet adulthood, to try and avoid the inconveniences of youth; and this meant the limited freedoms and the uncertainty about a future. I suspect it has a lot to do with the nature of time. Our friend and foe, time never seems to move quite at the pace we want it to. Nothing you or I do could ever alter such factors that lay beyond our control. Having limited control, however, doesn’t mean we are powerless, and it doesn’t make the present state of our reality any less or worse than the future.

My inspiration saw a surge when I started by respecting my time, my energy, among the few things I have been given by natural order. Funny how these things would be so beyond my control yet I have the utmost say in how these resources get utilized. My, oh my, at the things I accomplished…I started getting work done. I followed up like I said I would. I rested. I began to feel more centered. Above all, I spoke up for what I needed and against what I could not tolerate. That leaves me with this notion: inspiration is within. 

I’m venturing inside instead of outside, and I invite anyone else to do the same; or, that is, anyone who longs to break through and break free from a limiting belief. Respect your time and, subsequently, take a compassionate approach by allotting yourself sacred moments in which you do something enriching.

Write in your journal. If you don’t have one, start one.

Try to remember your dreams. Make up new ones.

Make something. Anything.

Take a nap. Dream a bit more.

Fix something.

Be alone. Feel awkward and uncomfortable, and then feel those feelings melt away as you get comfortable.

What do you find when you look internally for inspiration? Leave a comment or click to tweet your answer to me.

P.S. A lot moves and inspires me. I also believe that inspired living can go green; and you can find related creative tips for green arts, crafts, and eco-friendly lifestyles on my blog


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