Opportunity Knocks. Answer the Door.

“Never give up. And most importantly, be true to yourself.  Write from your own heart, in your own voice, and about what you believe in.”

~ Louise Brown

I have made the same mistake in my freelancing career. On a few occasions, I have become complacent with an economic opportunity and gotten lax, and resultantly I neglected to do some of the simple things, the writing, the blogging, the pursuing of my passions in general. Everyday I got up in search of a means to keep myself fueled financially and physically, but even though I could hear the knock just outside my door, the opportunity that was just outside inviting me to look beyond the four walls of economic security, I failed to answer the door.

Recently, I came across a musing about work life and entrepreneurial life and it made a good point: the employers, the companies, the people we work for (or for whom we have worked) are all really…angel investors. I get the sense that people often think that I’m some kind of advocate for living on the risky side and slashing the 9-to-5 working lifestyle with slanderous comments like ‘job stands for Just Over Broke.’ In all honesty, I was extreme. I knew it then and I especially know quite now the importance of keeping economic stability whilst working towards a goal. When rough times hit, I had to realize that those jobs were just the invitation I needed to work even harder on my creative projects.

 So as I write this last minute musing on my own account, as I reflect upon my setbacks and set-forwards, I can genuinely say that I am determined not to repeat history. I’m determined to move forward with drive, focus and vision. Honestly, it downright sucked when I put so much energy and time into projects that, yes, paid me but were only temporary at the end of the day. Not only that but I also must stress the importance of networking and always having plan B. This goes for both myself and my other fellow entrepreneurs. Thanks to some recent epiphanies and wake up calls, I speak from experience when I say that it’s possible to make money from following a passion, even from doing something fun! If it’s possible to do it while working your job (or your angel investor–whichever you prefer) then go for it.

Opportunity knocks. Are you going to answer the door, my friend? Click to tweet your answer or leave a comment!

P.S. Speaking of passion, I recently talked about an eco-friendly arts, crafts, and lifestyle blog that I have been working on. If that seems like something you’d like too, check it out!


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