How Do I Make Money?

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“Money is the opposite of the weather. Nobody talks about it, but everybody does something about it.”

~ Rebecca Johnson

Aside from the people who overtly talk about making money online, I speculate that there are other people who wonder from time to time how us bloggers make a living at all. I scratched my head for the longest time when I saw successful blogs on of foodies, news and fashion bloggers among many others. ‘Either they are lucky beneficiaries or they make it rain,’ I thought to myself at one point; and what about those YouTube sensations with thousands to millions of views on their videos? Camera equipment has to be expensive, right?

I would love to unravel the mysteries of other people’s internet careers and earnings, but I don’t know the full story. I have done my research, though. I have even done the work and can say that I legitimately work from home. It’s not always easy, but I have done it and I am delighted that I can share a chunk of my world to satiate your curious minds.

What I Do to Earn Money Online

Freelance Writing

This is the bulk of my work and I treat it like a day job when I sit down to write. Sometimes I want to rip my hair out in the process, but all in all I find it really fulfilling after I stop taking out my stress on my scalp.

Monetizing Social Media

I share links to previously published articles that pay me per impression. I have also done micro work where I would get a stipend to share information about a brand or company to followers on my social media platforms. I don’t do that very much these days, but I had fun when I did because my friends would comment on things not knowing I was kind of like an undercover, social media secret agent.

Revenue Share

These are the impression-based articles I was talking about. I enjoyed making money this way and have really developed a knack for writing this way maybe because I love writing so much as it is. I also gained over 10,000 views in about three months time. Making money by writing revenue share articles is just one perk. It’s great for exposure and building an audience too. Can you say double whammy?

Google AdSense and Blogging

I haven’t touched YouTube for a while, and on purpose. I have a channel there that I intend to rebrand and associate with a blog that hosts ads as well. I’ve made a few dollars without having to hardly do a thing, and I intend to make a substantially larger amount as I get things up and running.

Doing Workshops

I still make myself available in my local community to teach and tutor as needed. It’s not something I plan to make a career out of necessarily, but I remain open to it because it’s a great opportunity to network, be creative and supplement my income.

Selling Items Online

I’m not too proud that I can’t roll my sleeves up and tinker around with Amazon. It’s a nice way to allow for serendipity to work its magic. Someone will order a product from one of my listings at just the right time and I would not have needed to do anything to market it. It’s almost like passive income. Almost.

Working with Clients

Currently, I have several amazing beta clients to whom I devote energy in between my gigs. Because I am test driving with them some new extensions of my internet marketing services, I am not asking them for money. Nonetheless, they have made referrals and given me great leads. Some of them wouldn’t doubt that we could end up working together more formally. I highly recommend beta consulting to someone starting a service-based business. It’s an investment, but it will pay off.

Check them out!

Can You Really Make Money Online?

Yes and no.

I say ‘yes’ because you have every capability to earn income, gain basic resources for living, and obtain the funds you need in order to invest back into yourself or business. On the other hand, I say ‘no’ as a technicality, and this is something I have learned along the way. In the beginning, when I was really, really scrounging and scraping, I had to realize that money is an energy. It’s that simple. It’s nothing to boast about and parade or even be ashamed of. It’s just energy.

So whenever I talk about making money I want you to know my philosophy.

Maybe I should have titled this article differently:

How I Don’t Make Money

Pursuing Passions and Opportunities in Exchange for Energy

Hopefully, you can find empowerment in that concept as you pursue your own endeavors.

Hoping for your inspired success,



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