Experimenting as an Entrepreneur

“Obstacles are things a person sees when he takes his eyes off his goal.”

~ E. Joseph Cossman

I feel like a mad scientist.

I have felt the freelance writing drag, the pull, the struggle, the feeling like my eyeballs were falling out onto my keyboard. In fact, that describes the exact way I feel right now, seeing how I’m writing this at the same time that I’m writing another blog post and completing a project. Yes, all at the same time. It’s impossible to go to bed before the sun comes up.

And, yes, before the sun comes up. That’s why I’m a mad scientist.

I experiment like crazy and sometimes neglect the practicality of this whole entrepreneurship thing, overlooking what is worthwhile for me and what is going to contribute to my livelihood. I wish I never had to sleep, by the way. My computer resents me for this. If I could stay awake at all hours of the night, I can only dream of what I would accomplish, but then again I still might find some excuse for there not being enough hours in the day.

I’ll stop there with all the eloquent talk before I get carried away with the nitty gritty of what’s frustrating me about being a freelance writer. Besides, there are many blessings I can and need to count right now. Actually…let me just start reeling them off:

  • I revamped the blog I have been [mentally] working on since 2008, having finally found my creative writing muse. I even made the Twitter and Google+ – leeeet me tell you…if social media were a house I would never go outside.
  • I got the courage to say no. Overcommitting may seem attractive at first, but “roses really smell like…”
  • I got a lot of work done – No eyeballs harmed in the process.
  • I even tried my hand at some HTML and successfully! Not to mention that I learned of a really cool blogging resource that has been under our noses for quite some time.

This list could go on. I’m certainly glad I made it. Reflecting upon the good things is a habit I’ve been working on to keep myself grateful and receptive to the many blessings that will continue to pour into my life, be they professional or whatever else.

The beauty of a blog is that there are always more of where these thoughts came from. All in all, as mad of an experimenting entrepreneurial scientist as I may be, I’m sacrificing sleep for the sake of a cause I believe in. Things are bound to be labor-intensive, go wrong, not go how I intended–name it!–but it won’t deter me. I am passionate about what I do and I’m determined to make it work with a strong hope that I will see it through until the very end.

How are you experimenting with your passion? (Click to tweet your answer!)

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