Do You Blog or Do You Procrastinate?

“You don’t have to be just one thing, but you have to start with something.”


Inspired by the Daily Prompt: Rolling Stone

Starting a blog is a hot topic for many reasons beyond what I can cover in this blog article alone.  I will mention the trending bit about making money through blogging. Although it’s awesome to make money from a blog, does it mean that bloggers who do it for fun are wrong or wasting their time?

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As I reflect on why I started this blog, a lot comes up for me. I was reading earlier today about hobbies vs. jobs vs. businesses. One of the arguments was that hobbies were things that could be done out of procrastination. The definition of the term “hobby” included other elements, but that one on procrastination just rubbed me the wrong way maybe because I was once a “hobby blogger” by default. I do write because I love it like a hobbyist, but I do not feel it is a way that I waste time in any capacity.

I knew I wanted to share meaningful, forever relevant content with a global audience. I knew that not everyone in the world would know I existed. Above all that, I knew I had to start somewhere. So I just started…and I will be the first to tell you that I was all over the place.

In a good way 🙂

Since that start over a year ago, my blog has transformed into an arena where I can express my planned, thoroughly thought out ideas, tips and suggestions. It continues to grow me. Any good blog, in my opinion, should give back to the blogger just as much as the blog gives to others. Whether that giving entails money or just good feedback and participation from loyal readers, as long as it’s giving then I am kosher.

I don’t believe bloggers are procrastinators and that includes hobby bloggers. Whether you make blogging out to be your labor of love or your business (maybe a bit of both) I am a full-fledged fan of your rights to share your voice and broadcast to the world your unique perspectives about whatever and whatever.

Again, all in a good way.

I would love to hear about your reasons for blogging. Do you consider it a hobby? Does it pass the time or make you a buck? Share in the comments!

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