Doing Less Can Actually Be More Productive

“When you have finished changing, you’re finished.”

~ Some good fortune cookie wisdom I heard last week

For the good days that come just in time following some…mmm, not-so-good days, it can be attractive to document every single moment, take as many pictures as possible–just take as much of it in as one can humanly do.  Today, in fact, was like that for me, since I went to a gathering of holistic wellness practitioners and healing-minded individuals. On one hand, I took several pictures to document the serenity of the environment, but on the other I received so much insight that I feel is important to put into practice before I rehash it out.

To back up, I must add that these spring months have been difficult, bearing life changing events at seemingly every corner. I was in need of the respite today brought me. Beyond the good food, interesting people, vocals, free massage and bodywork sessions (much of which I would just love to share with the world) I find that I need to take a step back and look at everything as a whole. Doing so helps me find the punchline, the thesis statement, the overall message and takeaway that is not only most pertinent to me but also to someone like you reading this now.

That is precisely why I say that you don’t have to do it all. Stories are lovely and any type of illustration has a way of recreating an individual experience for a mass audience. There is a place and time for them, but they are not always needed. Not every aspect of a day in the life needs to be rehashed. I theorize that being present with the creation of a passing instance is like catching a wounded bird and releasing it once it has recoverd. There is also a frightening magnificence of being in each moment, pleasant or unpleasant as they may be, all the while knowing that it is what it is and that each moment will lead into a new moment. In hard times, especially, that can be the solution and the medicine enough to rejuvenate the soul

The culmination of every occasion in our lives up until this very second equals our legacy and purpose. Everything makes us. Everything moves us. Everything constitutes us. Without those moments, we are without ourselves in a sense. If we can even share a even just a piece of a significant highlight in the complex lives that we are living then that would more than suffice.

So after a beautiful day sprawled out underneath the sun, laying on the grass, smelling burning sage, hula hooping, bartering, gleaning gardens, hugging, resting, listening…I leave you again with this: you don’t have to do it all. Where you are at, be there, catch your birds, nurture them and trust just enough to be able to release them once again.


7 thoughts on “Doing Less Can Actually Be More Productive

  1. Thanks for sharing your beautiful day, and the importance or ours!!!! Each moment really is a precious thing … I love your beautiful energy that you share through your experience 😀

  2. a day of relaxation helps me to see the forest for the trees… some of my relaxation methods are: treating myself to a hot-stone massage, getting a spinal adjustment from a chiropractor, seeing my acupuncturist, sitting in a sauna.

    What other good ones are out there that I can try?

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