Why You Were Born

“Nothing can prevent your picture from coming into concrete form except the same power which gave it birth – yourself. (Genevieve Behrend)”
Rhonda ByrneThe Secret

I was lying on my bed the other day. What hit me was what I would like to a call a springtime epiphany, a reemergence sparked by the life taking on new forms all around me. It was this:

None of us asked to be born, not even the people who gave life to us.

How simple and obviously profound is that? Of all times it could occur to me, it occurs to me when I am in my quarter-life crisis. Why not sooner?

I spent some time with that thought, a sudden realization that seemed like it would have been something to dawn upon me ages ago. The more I meditated upon it, the more I felt like it was coming at the perfect time. So I could only rest there and be with it and feel my aliveness in all its goodness in that moment.

Something about this put me at ease; and I felt like I was divinely understood, validated and bequeathed with some kind of mystical, phenomenal privilege.

While my parents—and all their parents’ parents beforehand—did not ask me if I wanted to be born, the life I have due to the human rite of passage is something spectacular. In many ways, I was tripped at the starting line. I did not have the most ideal upbringing and in fact I have a lot of excess weight and baggage from my childhood, but the beauty of being alive whether I liked it or not gave me the chance to recreate myself. I could decide whether or not I was going to hold on or let go, be brave or cower in fear against the odds that have confronted me.

I was not asked if I wanted to be born into a human life nor into this body, but being alive has been a painfully beautiful process that has given me ongoing permission to continue living, at least in the way that I would have it.

This revelation is something I want to share because I hope that it can lighten whatever plight or despair or struggle that may be confronting you yourself; and as philosophical as it is, my musings about being born and perpetual self-creation are now in your hands. This is your prompt to become your own living biography, starting right now.

How do you feel about your life and the reason it was given to you? Tell me in the comments!  (Also know that when you speak, it helps me know you’re alive and well just as much as you know it too.)

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