What I Learned Working From Home

April 1st marks the beginning of my beta offering, the CONNECT Mentorship program, which will run again in July as CONNECT your dots. For this 12-week season, I ended up taking on one client. Last week, she and I went through the exploratory session and will dive full-fledged into work come the week following this one.

Keeping first things first, I started by prompting her to excavate all the gems just buried within that creative mind of hers, and then onto paper so she could see them. The process is simple: it can be as straightforward as using a few blank sheets of paper for freewriting, or a technique that involves  writing as fast as humanly possible every word and phrase that comes to mind, which are all often related to the previous word or phrase. Let’s call it…the word dump. So between using a bit of freewriting and the “word dump,” we cooperatively brainstormed in order to define around 5 goals to work towards within the 12-weeks of the program.

Things didn’t start out this way for me. A year ago I would not have expected that I would already be working with beta clients and jumping waist-deep into my home-based work and business. When I began managing the social media for a young travel agency, I had essentially no idea what I was getting myself into. What developed shortly therein was a new heart for the world of entrepreneurship. I felt like I had stumbled upon this whole new treasure that sparkled with passion, especially since I found myself not only being aligned with opportunities but having opportunity itself come knocking on my door.

So just what have I learned since being a WAH entrepreneur and freelancer?

  • I need to give disclaimers (i.e. ‘Yes, the contracting work that I have done are all jobs’ or ‘Yes, I actually got and still get paid’)
  • Skipping meals does NOT make me more productive
  • Having the internet shut off is not always an inconvenience, not when I’ve been depriving myself of a break in the first place
  • Flexibility does not always mean everything goes the way I had planned
  • Other people would go to lengths I could hardly fathom to be in my position

Although I may be in a fortunate situation, it does not negate the fact that I was down for a while, low on the inspirational curve myself, even though that’s what I’m all about. I credit that to two recent moves within the past three months (as if I have not moved enough already). Fortunately, various muses have been coming my way in the past few weeks, and they reminded me of some things that I cannot afford to neglect: the lives of others around me, namely my readership, namely YOU.

The muses came in the form of the questions like “I just started my blog. Can you give some feedback?” or “What are you going to write next?” or (for the sake of relevance) “How can work from home?”

I thought, ‘You know, I wondered about many of the answers myself’ and this was in regards to many of the questions people have been asking me. I must tell you, I feel like I’m coming up upon a breakthrough. I have already found some of the answers and it’s only a matter of time before I really do something with them, something that empowers the people around me, particularly those who have inclined their ears to hear what I have to say and share.

I don’t normally do this, but for the sake of being unspeakably tired I will stamp a humble to be continued…. on this. For the record, though, I talk about all such things and more in CONNECT your dots, which is an extension of the CONNECT Mentorship program. The next session starts July 1, 2013. Sign up HERE  to get an alert when enrollment opens again!

P.S. Leave me some treasures in the comments. Do you work from home? If not, do you or have you ever seen yourself doing that? To expand, is it your dream to start your own business or just have a bit more freedom between your work and personal life? I would love to know!


3 thoughts on “What I Learned Working From Home

  1. I work from home. I’ve found that to remain motivated and productive it is important to get OUT of the house, haha (it seems counter-intuitive to the whole “work-at-home” concept, but it is important). Whether it be a daily trip to the local gym, walk in the park, or a day-trip to a check out a new museum exhibit, I would recommend making a point of getting out of doors.

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