If You Model the Way

Take what you love and make it how you love.

Inspired by Daily Prompt: Buffalo Nickel

Background: I participated in a program about a year ago, The Sloop Institute for Excellence in Leadership. One of my takeaways was a place card which listed the particular techniques that would best suit my leadership skills in order for me to most effectively hone them. There were 5 of them. Here is the third.

Part 3 of 5: Model the Way

I want to propose a question that I ask myself: Where is the balance between sharing something heartfelt and sharing what matters to others?

On the topic of  seeking to inspire, I made a note once about the importance of understanding perspectives concerning a matter. Quite often I have written something that even didn’t fully understand–I just knew I had to write it–and I would return to it in the future only to find that I would completely resonate with its meaning. On another note, I would write and share insights, having no idea whether or not others would find value in the words. Sometimes I have surprised myself.

Understanding perspectives is something that I see as being in direct reciprocation with blogging or business and even engagement via social media. Once one grasps the perspectives of others, understanding needs is a subset of that. I also think about things like what marketing expert and business strategist, Marie Forleo, said about business and the importance of designing it in such a way that it benefits everyone who comes into contact with it. This was a recommendation she made in answer to a question asked by a business owner struggling with the prospect of hiring new employees. It made me think that the DIY mentality can be the biggest handicap even for someone who really wants and needs the help achieving his or her vision.

I pulled a coin from the front compartment of my desk and picked up a quarter reading “Liberty…In God We Trust…1992.” I was two years old in that year (I’ll allow you to do the math). It’s sufficed to say that I don’t have exactly the strongest memory about those times; but in twenty years from now (hint hint, wink wink) I wonder how I will remember even this day, how I would have been sitting at my desk in front of a panoramic window overlooking the street, typing this message to you. Twenty years in the future in contrast to twenty years in the past. I  anticipate having a whole series of processes that spark that very same inspiration, processes that I found and worked, processes that would have developed me and who I am for the betterment of the fullest, most authentic person I can be.

I may not have employees or many hands on deck to help with all the technical things I don’t know how to do and certainly want to do, but in light of that, I quote a statement reiterated by Marie Forleo’s mother:

Everything is figure-out-able.

That’s just it. I can wait while all the pieces fall into place. Until then, I can only model the way for those coming up behind me. I can choose to model the way for the great minds I want to align myself with: scientists, psychologists, thinkers, designers, photographers, cinematographers, writers, business strategists, coaches, artists, and healers. Most importantly, when I do this, I am really modelling the way for myself. If I can clear my space, see what it is I’m doing and where it is that I am going, things will come naturally.

If I keep at it, and if you keep at it for seeing your vision come to fruition, things will be figure-out-able in no time for sure.

P.S. Share in the comments below! I’d love to know what you’re currently doing to model the way. What are you working on? If you had everything you want right here, right now, what would that be? What would that look like?


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4 thoughts on “If You Model the Way

  1. Hola. To share aliittle about whats up with me, on my way, I’m opening up to change; my environment, my business model, my relationships, my paradigm. Your thoughts are definitely in line with opening things up to be ‘figure out able’. Modeling the way def is a beautiful responsibility. You shed some light on the self work(that ‘me time’ 😉 ) that’s so necessary for betterment. Thanks for this series, I been enjoying it and look forward to the rest!

    • Whoo hoo! You are gold to my market research, Isaac. You know that, right? I gain so much just by you sharing your feedback.

      I’m excited for the next 2 in the series as well. Let’s see where this all goes, shall we?

  2. Here goes: I am a fiction and freelance writer, bringing in enough income to make it feasible (meaning we can pay the bills and a little bit more). The rest of the time, I’m enjoying watching my son grow up, taking my dogs for walks, and enjoying life with my husband. I’m free to visit my folks in the states (any time I want, and for as long as they will have me). What an inspiring post! I’m re-focused now. Thank you.

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