5 SEO Ideas for WordPress.com Bloggers

How to incorporate SEO into WordPress.com

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I live a life inspired. That is my self-governing mantra. (Om.) I recently thought, ‘Hey, why not live like…I’m freshly pressed?’…Then after that, I just chuckled, rolled over and went back to sleep.

Honestly, though, this idea of living freshly pressed isn’t actually a bad one, or even a bad concept for that matter. Okay, so it’s a bit cheesy, but for those who write and write and write only to achieve deafeningly silent rooms, those who feel they can dig their way out of that hole with their pencil, keyboard and shovel in hand yet still to no avail–it’s a laugh-less and unfulfilled dream…is that you? That’s certainly me. (Ouch.)

Here is a fun statistic to summarize two or three unnecessary paragraphs that I could have chosen to write about your woes but won’t:

As of 2011, neilsenwire.com reports that there are over 181 million blogs from all around the world.

This sounds like a lot of eyes, but this also means even more foreshortened attention spans.

I came across this post about manually maximizing SEO for WordPress.com blogs. I got to thinking about the world of WordPress, having finally understood that WordPress.org is where the big kids do their fancy BMX bike tricks; and I realized that there is nothing to be ashamed of about my training wheels. It all just comes down to the mere fact that you and I-we share something, we have a VOICE. And with that human capability that is so common and trending in the blogging community, that fact further reduces itself to your necessity to be heard. Now that’s something worth pressing about. 

Don’t ditch your tricycle just yet. Here are 5 things that I would recommend for my fellow WordPress.com bloggers:

1. Interview other reputable figures in your area of interest. You would be astonished at the inspiration, insights, and wisdom you would acquire just by having your questions answered. Derek Halpern of Social Triggers also recommends doing this because having the face of someone well recognized appear beside yours in a sense builds your blog’s esteem and its credibility for both the blogger and the blog reader. I look at it this way: when people see you are connected, they want to stay connected to you.

2. Click that other tweet button! Clicktotweet.com is a cost-effective (cost free, really!) way to get people to do shout outs for you. It also is a recognizable call to action for the blog reader and it’s simple, taking hardly anytime on their part. The way I see it, they won’t tweet an originally crafted message if the link isn’t there in the first place.

Let’s pause and try this really quick shall we?

Be proud of your “training wheels!” #WordPress #SEO advice for new and intermediate #bloggers via @SandraHarriette http://wp.me/p2FEVj-tm

Click to tweet this!

3. Use Daily Prompts. The best way to make this work-in addition to clicking “This post is super-awesome”-would be to write EARLY in the morning. (If you’re on Pacific time, unlike me, you really have a head start.) I say this because Daily Prompts go live first thing in the morning. I don’t know when-they just do. This gives you bloggers all day to get those creative, bloggity juices flowing, and then other readers will curiously click on those first few, and well-titled posts, that appear. That post will be yours, right?

You can also try clairvoyant writing in advance. That way, you can wake up and see if you got lucky in predicting their topic. Chances are, though…mmm…

P.S. Don’t forget to tag #DPChallenge in the corresponding prompt and like the original Daily Prompt! Liking the posts written by others is also a good pat on the back to the blogosphere and people who would be more than willing to return their eyeballing services to your content.

4. Submit your posts to Reddit, Stumbleupon, and de.li.cious. This is simple. In order to make it work, you just have to carve out the time into your schedule to make an account and link your content in an interesting way. People going there are searching for something to tickle their fancy for whatever reason, whether they are seeking to connect or answer a question or just laugh at their millionth LOL kitty picture. Putting your link out there meets them where they are at and maximizes your visibility even more. (Advanced tip: Google’s algorithms also like to see your links being “social.” It makes for better search engine ranks.)

5. Write about what people asking about. It’s still taking me a while to get this one. This, too, is simple yet so elusive to me because, as many have told me, I tend to get caught up in my own head. In fact, I wrote this concept last because it is something I still have to work on. Fortunately for this time, I wrote on something of which I myself could not find the answers for. So lucky for you: you now have some answers! Let’s hope.

So, keeping in line with some things I don’t do very often, I’m going to turn it over to you now. It’s YOUR turn:

What are some of the self-governing mantras you live by when it comes to writing your blog?

Do you think WordPress.com makes it easy for bloggers to share their bread and butter?

What are some tips you have for maximizing SEO on WordPress.com?

Leave me your comments!

P.S. As an update, you may want to also check out this article by the Daily Post on SEO and Your Blog.


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