If You Inspire a Shared Vision

“Inspired action is the union of your right and your left brain.”

~ Laura Hollick

Background: I participated in a program about a year ago, The Sloop Institute for Excellence in Leadership. One of my takeaways was a place card which listed the particular techniques that would best suit my leadership skills in order for me to most effectively hone them. There were 5 of them. Here is the first.

Part 1 of 5: Inspire a Shared Vision

This is work. This would have been not just work but more like an impossible feat had I read such a thing at 17. I could hardly see for myself let alone for other people. So how on earth was I supposed to know to share it? Slowly but surely, however, realizations for what I wanted out of my life and for myself arose. The byproduct of that enabled me to step into the person who I was supposed to become like a well-fitting dress.

In order for me to inspire a shared vision, I still have to work; and I work really hard to stay consistent with what I commit to and with what and how I share. If there is one thing I would say has been one of the most crucial things for me to realize and accept, it would be that I had to factor in others in order for whatever vision I had to be shared with anyone at all.

I talk a lot about freewriting because (in slight elaboration of just what my vision is) I believe it is a technique revolutionizing the blogosphere. So I don’t want to hide my methods but rather show others a simple facet of my process in hopes that it will simply…inspire them. That’s just it. Freewriting has figuratively been the housekeeper of the humble abode that I have made in this virtual space; and I am glad to have such a trusty employee. Don’t just take my word for it, though. My aunt as well as author and CIO of NASA, Linda Cureton, got started writing The Leadership Muse using very similar agents of freewriting.

As we talked today to explore some of her upcoming business endeavors, I recalled all the time she took and the investments she put towards my education, especially when she contributed significantly to the funds for my experiential learning in Costa Rica back in 2012. When it comes to others, sharing is quite inevitable even beyond the everyday basics of space, proximity, air, and natural resources. Going beyond those basics is intrinsic to the nature of giving and receiving. So when my aunt gave to me, she was really investing in me; and try not to think of “stock investing” too much, although she was taking quite a risk by financially assisting the then college student that I was. Better yet, she was investing in my own investment to discover that very same vision I was just recently blind to at the age of 17.

Sitting at my desk with notebook and pen in hand, ready to write, I asked her to shoot out the words-any words that came to mind, really-about her new projects. What did she want to achieve? What was the solution versus the current problems? Which one of these words can be associated with good imagery that might make for a nice logo and other visual branding concepts?

After working on that for an hour, we hung up and it hit me: ‘This is what it means…this is the beginning of a shared vision.’

The potential I have awakened to within myself and am beginning to see in others is not the run of the mill capability easily accessed and possessed by everyone. Everyone has a gift, so they say. I believe that thoroughly. When great minds, great thought leaders and great innovators convene, even greater things happen. (While you’re down here, click to tweet that!) History is marked impeccably by the imprints of many a noble and hallmark endeavor. Will I be the next Majora Carter or Oprah Winfrey or even Laura Hollick? Maybe. Hmm, maybe not. Who is to say, however, that I won’t touch the ones or those who are destined to follow in their footsteps? It certainly won’t be me speaking up against that. I am without a shadow of a doubt that I am destined to be graced by the presence of the new world leaders. I am already surrounded by a good circle of them already.

And that, my dear blogosphere family, is what I consider to be leading

A life inspired.

P.S. Coming up next, I’m figuring out how to Challenge the Process


Inspired by Daily Prompt: Teachable Moment


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