Where I Sit on a Sunday

In lieu of the most ideal spaces, as prompted by the daily post, I am eager that my blogging space is now what can appropriately be called a website space. Oh, how things can change  over night…

I have much to say today, but to change things up a bit I am not necessarily saying them here in this blog post. Read about me. You’ll see what I mean.

At the very least I do want to add that I not to long ago learned of Tara Sophia Mohr who talks a lot about the inner critic and things concerning the inner voice especially that of the creative woman. I resonated so deeply with her words because I had embarked upon a blog series, Sitting down on Sundays for similar purposes of finding such a voice. Starting this project in June of 2012, I was also publicizing the twists and turns, juts and jeers and even stagnant moments in my journey.

Yes, I was afraid of criticism. Yes, I was afraid of putting my foot in my mouth (and I did sometimes, and it certainly left a bad taste for a while). Yes, I was hard on myself occasionally. You know what, though? I still have a space for creative freedom and expression and that has always been my vision. It still is my journey. Though I did get lost, I have never lost the journey itself, and neither has it lost me. I hope I don’t lose you either.

But seriously, go ahead on and read my about me. I think we’re onto something here.


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