Time to Stand Up…and Stretch

“You’re at a crossroads,” my mom expressed to me earlier this evening.

Today, in spite of being nauseously nauseous, I pressed through and did my work. It was hard. I swore I would pass out. As a result, though, I received a bit more clarity about my vision. It was a surefire signpost.

Imaginably, it was difficult to write this. Although I enjoy writing Sitting down on Sundays (and quite honestly, I don’t ever really expect these posts to go away) I know that this blog is still evolving and morphing. I wonder what it will be like to look back on this post even and just see where it fits within what is soon to be my very own site.

Being in Costa Rica has offered me many life-altering opportunities some of which I have yet to really foresee or anticipate–good, bad and indifferent things. The sole reason I came here, and I know this deep down in my heart, was because of the children. I worked in classrooms and taught art workshops in a museum. One day this link here will perhaps link to my services tab as result.

I am headed to bed now where I can continue to dream of all these things, meditate on future reflections, and rest the mind and the heart, the voice of these musings, these walking feet.


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