The Muffins of Social Media

the lonely tree....

the lonely tree…. (Photo credit: Per Ola Wiberg ~ powi)

For this Sitting down on Sundays:

I will continue sharing reflections through the week, and via @SandraHarriette where you can connect with me as well. I would like, however, to repost a blog by my mother which says it all for me today.

Happy Sunday!

Life is tough! Right? Write!

Despite an international separation, my daughter Sandra and I have been able to talk and visit over the internet thanks to numerous social media platforms. A young woman completing an internship in Costa Rica, she will return to the states in a few weeks (after the date of this writing) and graduate from college. We are never at a loss for discussion topics.

We both give and receive instruction. As an enthusiastic student of e-business and proponent of interactive technology in my workplace, I share what I have been learning about branding and social media optimization. Last week, she tutored me on editing video in my first Google Plus “Hangout”. We attempted to video-chat on Facebook with partial success. We speak regularly by phone without additional expense thanks to “Magic-Jack”, and we have a clear connection. When not on the phone we tweet each other and exchange direct messages and…

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