Art Journal: A Place for Space

I was struck with an idea proposed in another blog post about art journals. It reminded me to appreciate my own art journal. There are some things that artists, namely me, can easily take for granted. This glorified sketchbook of mine was one of those things.

Writer’s block and lacking creativity have not been obstacles for me lately although at times they have been. I would say I struggle more so with the overwhelming task of making myself visible, sharing what I hold inside with a readily available audience. Hence, why I am writing this.

It wasn’t easy to make this video partially because my editing program didn’t save the file the first time. The other reason is because much of what I have drawn in my art journal is very personal even though it is primarily composed images and doodles.

There are ideas for my vision for LittleMissScooter. There are short term and long term goals There are dreams. There are clues about places I have been and how I perceived them based upon how I felt. I wasn’t being funny in the end of the video when I said that it’s still really personal.

Earlier today, it occurred to me that such an art journal (or any kind of journal really) is an excellent tool to supplement cognitive behavioral therapy. I am currently on the task of documenting certain thoughts or feelings as they come up concerning a sensory processing disorder that I am working through.

As I said before, my creativity has not been lacking. Even so, I am beginning to run out of space in that journal. So what now? Time to get my handmade on, I suppose. I have too much work to do to run out of space.


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