Found Materials Collage

 This marks the end of the first week in the museum (Museo de Arte Costariccense). I have gotten the liberty of preparing various templates and examples of the types of projects I want to work on with the youth in the workshops I plan to do out here. 

The above shots are close ups of a collage I did in just two days. 

I was thinking about the city, about the muck and the rain and the beauty of San José all at once. 
I thought about the newspapers and my focused search within them for highlights and features on art.
I thought about layers, walls and transparency. 
I thought about subways and murals and scale, as the scale of this is somewhat indistinguishable.  
I thought about the airport runway and how everything looking like a vast carpet up from the sky.

2 thoughts on “Found Materials Collage

  1. Thank you, Carol. I look at it myself and feel like there is so much to extract from it. It's made with play craft materials. It's amazing what can be done with the simplest of objects, particularly found ones.

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