Crafting a Thank You

I am preparing to go to Costa Rica in a matter of days. There I will be undergoing an internship at an Art Museum and a Conservation Park. The thing I am most excited about is making handcrafted cards and paper folding crafts with the youth. I anticipate having a plethora of pictures.

Part of the video above is a type of ‘thank you’ letter to those who have supported this trip; the other part is a peek into some of the other projects I hope to expand upon. The two girls doing the artwork, Caroline and Tsion, were utilizing monoprinting techniques that I demonstrated. It was a very therapeutic process overall. Caroline was particularly fond of it. She was eager to be filmed doing the process for the second time on film.

I have some ideas about what to do while I am there. I have ideas in general, really. That is the blessing of the blog-o-sphere I suppose. It’s nice to have an outlet no matter which way I turn.


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