Watch Out

Careless words are like a drunk driver.

Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry, for man’s anger does not bring about the righteous life that God desires.

James 1:19-20

I received a call from a friend the other night. He was really struggling and simply needed to talk. When he felt as if it were too quiet he would check to make sure I was still on the line. It was strange to him that I remained silent practically the whole time.

I had to explain that I wanted him to get the chance to express himself uninhibited. I have had firsthand experience of someone interjecting his or her thoughts on me. I have begun to reflect on that communication flaw as not only very distracting but very intrusive and abasing.

If there is one thing that has really contributed to my pain recently it is that: not being heard. I really wish I could avoid all extenuating circumstances that would force me to interact in a way that keeps me vulnerable much like how I have felt for a while. Sometimes I dream of coasting through life unhindered and unscathed, invincible, and also incapable of hurting anyone else myself.

Psychology Today talks about the reasons to set boundaries. My definition of boundaries seems to expand just as much as the very boundaries that I have to continue setting in place. I have carefully and deliberately laid the foundation for some of those boundaries. Others, well, I just kind of swerved into them.

Boundaries are very necessary particularly at times when a relational conflict is producing an insurmountable amount of tension.

Leii states in one of her blog posts:

Being meek is a quiet confidence/strength in knowing who you are and being okay with it. The truth is “Hurt people [hurt ]” I don’t want to be that person. They are perpetual victims keeping tabs of offenses and basically handing over their peace on a daily basis.

Meekness does not indicate that someone is a door mat, or perhaps the paved road in this case, but rather it is a sign of inner strength. It is a silent reassurance that cannot be shaken or stolen by the insensitivity of others.

I will remember that the next time I am on the phone because next time it probably will not be with a friend who I care about but rather with someone from a  customer care service. I will remember the image of the car. I will think of myself slowing down, checking the signals, and keeping with the steady flow in order to maintain the blessing of my  safety and well-being.

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