Lean Not, Doors Closing

“The sole cause of man’s unhappiness is that he does not know how to stay quietly in his room.”

Blaise Pascal
Quite recently, I stepped away from simply writing accounts of my dreams and endeavored to draw the parts I could remember. So far it has resulted in a jumbled mess of half-baked gesture lines and visual disappointment.
In case I never made it clear I am a dreamer. I am probably not even communicating the gravity of just what that has always meant, especially as it pertains to my walk with God. It has to mean something if I could think of all of this.
Speaking of dreams, I recalled one I had several months ago. I was standing around a set of toy train tracks once. There was a serious, tense atmosphere all about. (Imagine a hybrid between a Lifetime original series and Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood.) I stood there with someone very familiar. He and I looked at the setup all about the floor, as if deciphering it.. Staring at the cars and gadgets spontaneously moving, I suddenly was overtaken by the imagery and everything on the floor came to life in my mind, thrusting me into the next segment of the imaginative experience.
Pastor Dale made the point: “Your habits are the tracks of your life–they take you somewhere” as part of Church of the Redeemer’s series, Uncommon SenseThese lessons have been one of the simplest forms of conviction I have ever experienced.
I dream myself into circles. Sometimes into ditches. I find myself lost in a vast ocean of lucid thought. Once I’m awake, though, I haven’t moved. Not yet at least.

Let the morning bring word of your unfailing love, for I have put my trust in you. Show me the way I should go, for to you I lift up my soul.

Psalm 143: 8
Trusting is sitting down. Man, take it from me. I tend to have some obsessive compulsive disorder about choosing where I sit on the train, especially if someone nearby isn’t fully…aboard…if you know what I mean. I also tend to shy away from strange liquids and other unidentifiable substances sprinkled over the upholstery on the metro. My imagination runs dreadfully, disgustedly wild.
Anyway, all this is to say that the hesitance to just sit down is very much reciprocal to human tendency to not trust God. I must indicate that the trains are nevertheless moving, folks. Have a seat already and trust God. Make it habitual and instinctive. Do not think twice. Move the pile of abandoned newspapers if you must.
Whatever you do,
just sit down, okay?
Let God be the conductor; let us be the passengers.
Vision enables us to pursue our destination.
Divine wisdom is what qualifies God to know how to get us there.
And, to make things fair, I conjure the wise words of Britt Nicole: “I’m talking to me.”
“Don’t pretend. You are not a leader because you know everything. Omniscience is not a prerequisite. But confidence is. Express your uncertainty with confidence. When you do, you will instill confidence in those who have chosen to follow.”
Next Generation Leader by Andy Stanley

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