How to Write a User Manual

It’s okay to keep things rather short and sweet. Although it is my inclination to elaborate, more can often be said even with just a few words. Let’s just say I think of this as the tagline on the page beginning a new chapter in a book. Having been given the idea to turn a comment (aka the elaboration) into another blog post, I had to seize the opportunity.

Speaking of books…

I also read The Pursuit of God: The Human Thirst for the Divine (A.W. Tozer) as requirement for the discipleship program I participated in last summer. I had forgotten just how much I love books ever since high school stole from me the pure joy of reading. Sometimes I convince myself I am so much an alien that no one else could be like me and ever dare to read anything about:

  • Mysticism
  • How to be a Rich “Dad”
  • Spanish grammar
  • Spiritual gifts and prophecy
  • Veggies
  • Finding The Leadership Muse
  • Praying with the body
  • The history…of art history
  • How rivers (and even fish) can be autobiographical
  • Mind, body, soul kinds of things

(Wow, that last statement was a really unintelligent way to say something so profound.)

So, within the semester, only tomorrow remains, and then the next day, and then…that’s it. That’s it. I have gone to sleep and woken up. This pattern, too, is precisely it. The next day…and the next day….

…are all I constantly look forward to until I sleep again, in suspension and anticipation for the next morning.
I’m done living at this house. I may or may not come back, but, regardless, I won’t ever come back this way: as a resident, to the red room (which takes on Matisse’s Red Studio), to the pain and memories and the joy that seeped from me–I won’t be packing up those things. They’re intangible. I leave them behind in search of new things to acquire.
Hark, summer is ahead. I’m going back to that internship. I’m going back!
 Oh boy. Here comes the sun.
There and then my pursuit of God will be more fervent and zealous.
Then and there I will not only sleep but I will rest.
Then and there I will surely apply what I have obtaiined from these pages.

I think it’s the extra pictures that make me seem more verbose.

Don’t you think so?

4 thoughts on “How to Write a User Manual

  1. Love this!! I love how the conversation and ideas expand as they flow from one person to the next. Your books, your new life, your idea of sleep and rest, all make me think.Loved this poetic line: "…until I sleep again, in suspension and anticipation for the next morning."In suspension and anticipation. Yes. Somehow we live in that tension and find some level of rest.Delighted to share this space with you, as each of us inspires the other, as an idea moves to and fro, at some point coming back to us marked by the flourish of the other.

  2. Your poetic line is also very aweinspiring: "…marked by the flourish of another." To some extent, we ourselves also thrive off of others who do too. Thanks again for reading! I'm in a place of more consistency with my social networks. I really feel like a living prayer, an answered one at that.

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